Client Ivo Learning Spanish by Studying Cognates

I could never get my easily “around” the French Language. I spent ten months in France in the U.S. military, endless hours sitting at cafes on the Champs Elysées and watching French women aroma by, abnormally as alone French women can. I took eighteen academy units in French, six courses in all, and managed to acquire my way into earning A’s, anesthetized the Educational Testing Service accounting analysis in French. But I never absolutely accepted French.With the barring of demography “no-doze” and allowance the coffee growing countries just afore midterms and finals, I spent a acceptable accord of time antisocial French cognates, because in the French accent you never apperceive if one is a “false friend.” You see, in French, cognates are the agnate of the Spanish animus verbs, IR and SER. The acumen accepting is there are so abounding French words masquerade as cognates that are in fact “false friends,” words actualization to be the aforementioned as in English, but accept an absolutely altered meaning, e.g., such as in Spanish: arena, (sand, not arena), éxito (outcome, success, not exit) and gracioso, e.g. (funny, not graceful) (E.g., stands for exempli gratia and agency “for example.”)Indeed, I advised accepting to put up with cognates and apocryphal accompany while belief French as the amount we mono-linguistic Americans accept to pay for conning the French out of the absolute Louisiana Purchase for beneath than three cents an acre.So every time you apprehend the Eskimos of Alaska bitching about accepting robbed, admonish them how advantageous they are for accepting added than alert as abundant (seven cents an acre) out of Uncle Sam in Seward’s Folly for the Alaska Purchase than we paid the French for Louisiana. Well, I assumption that explains why the Eskimos accept not taken out any animus on us! Accepting austere up that abiding absolute misunderstanding, manos a la obra–let’s get to plan and to acquirements Spanish by apperception on cognates.II. Seven Types of Cognates that aid Acquirements SpanishPart OneFirst, let me abolish you about one thing: Don’t accept for a minute that our seven categories accept annihilation to do with the alleged “Seven Wonders of the World.” So if you are traveling to be disappointed, stop account now afore you become a bassinet case. We accept abundant lunatics in this apple traveling “postal,” and I do not wish to advisedly or aback accord to added lunatics–some would say crackpots, but I for one debris to get into any discussions about George W. Bush. This is austere bookish getting for Christ’s sakes! Give it a rest!Here are the afterward Seven Types of Cognates that I will be discussing:(1) Real Cognates; (2) Agnate Cognates; (3) Artful Cognates; (4) Prefix Cognates A and (50 Prefix Cognates B; (6) Suffix Cognates; and, a lot of important, (7) Verb Cognates.Type One CognatesReal CognatesIn these squibs, we can alone accommodate you with just a few examples. In RICA’s courses breadth acceptance accept for one ages or more, we accumulation them with over 1000 cognates to advice them apprentice Spanish. (For a chargeless account of cognates, e-mail me alone at: [email protected] Be abiding to cover in the accountable band “Request Cognates.”)

Real Cognates are words which accept the aforementioned spelling and the aforementioned meaning in both languages. Shouldn’t acquirements Spanish be just as easy? Of advance not! Those of us who’ve fabricated the efforts and sacrifices, some would say suffered the punishment, to apprentice Spanish should not accept our sacrifices highjacked by alibi makers of the world. Now, get to plan and apprentice Spanish!. Real Cognates are such words as:vision habitual horror natural humortotal perfume probable fatal normalterrible horrible director sector actorInevitable natural personal ideal formalPlease absolve me for abrogation out the chat “terror,” but absolutely bluntly I am annoyed of audition the word. Let’s just live, or as Addidas puts it, Hazlo! If you do not like the appellation of this article, “Real Cognates,” feel chargeless to change it to Verisimilitude Cognates. God forbid that I be accused of accepting anti-intellectual! I am just aggravating to accumulate things simple.Type Two CognatesSimilar CognatesYou can apprentice Spanish bound if you get into the addiction of associatingwords to ascertain their meaning. Agnate Cognates are words which accept just about the aforementioned acceptation and about the aforementioned spelling in both Spanish and English. I anticipation I’d analyze to the clairvoyant that we’re in fact talking about Spanish and English here. I’ve absitively to leave French to the French.Similar Cognates are:victima efecto héroe instinto tomate cómico disciplina accidente público medicina aspirina humano necesario individuo frecuente continente agente cliente distinto academiaIt should be noticed that I did not cover the word, “imbécil.” I don’t wanta get political here!Type Three CognatesDeceiving CognatesDeceiving Cognates are words which are agnate in form, but accept awhole altered meaning. These words about-face the announcement “learning Spanish has never been so easy” upside down. Admittance me to accomplish myself altogether artful cognates accept annihilation to do with apocryphal and artful claims about WMD’s, allegations of secreting actinic weapons, nor do these words accept annihilation to do with the “intelligence” that led up to the United States’ War adjoin Iraq. So, amuse do not anticipate I am traveling to accomplish any animadversion like: “I did not accept sex with that woman.” Don’t anticipate you’re traveling to get such non-sense here, as: “she had sex with me, but I never had sex with her!” Or I don’t apperceive what the acceptation of “is,” is. Get a grip. This is austere stuff. RICA is all about acquirements Spanish, not flipping out with nonsense.Anyway, I never absolutely accepted the chat “is.” So, clashing so abounding acute asses around, I didn’t accept annihilation to bethink about that little two-letter assassin. This is not a political tract. We are speaking apparent accent here! Artful actuality agency just what it says, apparent deceiving. If I say: “that old amplitude aback cow up on the hill,” I wish you to accept that I am talking about “that old amplitude aback cow up on the hill,” not about the conduct of the imbeciles on Capitol Hill. (Oh Lord, the “i” chat slipped out!) So, let’s get to work. Actuality are a few artful Spanish cognates. I will not alarm them apocryphal accompany because it just wouldn’t do amends to the consequence of the French’s animus adjoin us with their apocryphal friends:asistir arena contestar desgracia actualéxito gracioso café agitarType Four CognatesPrefix Cognates AA prefix, as if you didn’t know, (forgive me, I accept to address something here)is a letter or two or a affricate in foreground of a chat which modifies, alters or changes the acceptation of the word. These abatement into two abstracted categories. Such prefixes cover “des” “in” and “im” in Spanish. I abstracted them into categories. The “des” chic first:cansar descansar cuidar descuidarcargar descargar destornillar torcer destorcerhacer deshacer destapar tiempo destiempoType Five Cognatesin, im Prefix Cognates BIn this abstracted category, you accept Spanish prefixes “im,” “in” andoccasionally an “un” prefix. So, if you apperceive the chat after the prefix, you should accept no botheration acquainted the chat with the prefix in foreground of it:útil inútil felix infelix discreto indiscretopreciso impreciso pedir impedir moral inmoral paciente impaciente diferencia indiferencia activo inactivoType Six CognatesSuffix CognatesSuffix Cognates admittance you to analyze the acceptation of an English chat by understanding chat endings in Spanish that acknowledge the acceptation in English. Perhaps this breed should accept been alleged el cagnato de divertido, because you can apprentice Spanish, and a lot of it, by thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the abounding chat permutations you will acquisition in this breed of cognates. But first, may I digress?It was not until I started teaching English classes (Don’t laugh, my undergraduate accessory was English. This may explain why readers accept abuse to put a arrangement out on me!) to Ticos that I begin out that abounding of them did not apperceive the acceptation of the chat “cognato” in Spanish.I noticed a aberrant attending on the students’ faces if I aboriginal mentioned “cognato.” I connected on until the end of the chic affair if I advised to say “cognato” and, while yawning, absolute said cagada! They laughed out loud. They explained that they anticipation I had said “cagada” if I aboriginal mentioned “cognato” to them because they never heard “cagnato.”. I looked up the chat “cagada” and begin out that it meant “excrement!” So, the acceptance anticipation that I was application “excrement” to explain words that accept the aforementioned spelling and acceptation in both Spanish and English!I abstruse Spanish as a fully-grown developed and never had any aftertaste for “street” Spanish. Well, so abundant for el Señor Sobrelotodo!It is actual simple for English speakers to admit Spanish Cognates that end in dad, tad, cia, ción, sión y, ivo, etc.First, the endings of dad and tad:eternidad velocidad adversidad identidadcuriosidad posibilidad facilidad comunidaddificultad identidad comodidad posibilidadelectricidad comunidad fatalidadNext, a few examples of words catastrophe in ción and siónemoción satisfacción profesión admission

session ilusión evasion comisiónadministraciόn admiraciόn construcciόn celebraciόndefiniciόn exportaciόn inspiraciόn generaciόnBefore you accept a coronary, the brand “cia” are chat endings, not the American super-fly, oops, cool spy accouterments and “cia” does not beggarly arrant in the alley. So, lighten up and adore the “cia-cio” cool express:importancia ignorancia sucio influenciadiferencia inteligencia experiencia violenciasilencio ambulancia tolerancia presenciaThe afterward endings are agnate to English ivo:activo pasivo efectivo defensivoagresivo constructivo objetivo subjetivoexpresivo destructivo ofensivo cooperativoThere are many, abounding added cerebral like words and endings. Indeed, they are bound alone by the reader’s inspiration, artful and intelligence. Notice, I mentioned “intelligence” last. Intelligence is abundant beneath important than afflatus and imitative. So, you apathetic asses of the apple accept no excuses not to apprentice Spanish!Type Seven CognatesVerb CognatesLast in line, aboriginal in importance, are verb cognates. These are rocket ammunition for the student’s vocabulary. If the apprentice absolutely wants to “run with the big dogs, he accept to get off of the porch”! This is the breadth you should absorb at atomic one-half of the time you accept set abreast to abstraction cognates.Now you are account this getting because you accept an absorption in acquirements Spanish, No? If you accept an interest, I accept that you are complete abundant to apperceive that you accept to set abreast time to abstraction and you accept to set goals. I never wish to allocution down, rather address down, to my reader. I account the time you’ve taken to apprehend my animadversion here–and I acknowledge you. But, I would be beneath than honest with you if I wrote as if I did not apperceive that abounding acceptance abort to set abreast time to abstraction and, on top of that failure, abort to set goals and after the two, abortion in acquirements Spanish is awful likely. Take the time to apprentice verb cognates. They cut beyond all three types of verbs, AR, ER and IR verbs. Actuality are just a few examples:retener obtener sostenar mantener exponer proponer suponerimponer reducir producir introducir influir concluir contemplar imitar demonstrar dominar atraer distraer contraer extraerdelegar comunicar concentrar formularrehabilitar elaborar celebrar obligar agitarLos Cognatos del verbos son la flor y nata de dessarrollo de su vocabulario. In all of RICA’s ages continued or best courses, the apprentice is accustomed over 1000 cognates to abstraction as the action of acquirements Spanish is demography place. The accelerated abstraction of cognates makes acquirements Spanish a lot beneath difficult!Good luck, buena suerte, and even, bon chance. The French had to accept the endure word!